Main concept of airworthiness management

Airworthiness Management

This is the first post of a series on aircraft airworthiness management and I will do my best to get you into the subject of airworthiness as a whole, explain what it is all about and define what airlines need

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Airline market research – basic tools

Airline Market Research

Airline market research is a complex process which generally may consume a lot of resources. However, it is crucial for a properly constructed airline business plan and can make all the difference between an airline’s success and failure. Depending on

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Airline income predictions – the basics

Airline Income Prediction

When creating a business plan for any company, income prediction may be one of the most difficult tasks. Predicting airline income is a little awkward as in some cases it may prove to be even more difficult than usual, but

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Airline costs – an introduction

Airline Costs

No-one needs to be told that airlines are tremendous cost generators and if nothing else, watching closely airline costs is probably the most important thing to do throughout the entire operating life of an airline. I will take a brief

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Airline business plan – the basics

Airline Business Plan

To say that any decent business needs to have its own, legitimate business plan is cliché. An airline is no different, although some techniques may not exactly follow the rules of a typical business layout. In this article I intend

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Common Airline Business Models

Airline Business Models

As with any business, the main thing to consider when looking at airline business and airline management are the most commonly used airline business models. The business model, in general, determines the way one intends to make money with the

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