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Aircraft Maintenance Management – Main Challenges

Aircraft Maintenance Management

I am starting the aircraft maintenance management series of articles with a general view on what maintenance management is all about, how it differs from airworthiness management and how the two complement each other to make for safe flight for

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EASA Part M Airworthiness Regulations

Part M Regulations

I will begin the overview of the airworthiness regulations by a quick look at the European laws as created by EASA and put in force by the European Commission. The result of this process is European Commission Regulation EC No.

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Top Ten Features of Airworthiness Software

Features of Airworthiness Software

In all my posts in the airworthiness section I try to explain what airworthiness is all about, why it is necessary and how to make sure that the aircraft in your fleet remain airworthy while operating. Naturally, in the 21st

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Airworthiness of Components – the Basics

Airworthiness of Components

After having described the overall concept of airworthiness and the general concepts of the airworthiness of aircraft it is certainly time to get into the airworthiness of aircraft components. Only airworthy components (parts) make for an airworthy aircraft, so let’s

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Airworthiness of Aircraft – the Basics

Airworthiness of Aircraft

In a previous post, I explained the very basic concept of airworthiness in general. In this article, I will focus specifically on the airworthiness of aircraft and I’ll try to go through the most important airworthiness data that is required

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Main concept of airworthiness management

Airworthiness Management

This is the first post of a series on aircraft airworthiness management and I will do my best to get you into the subject of airworthiness as a whole, explain what it is all about and define what airlines need

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