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Welcome to AirlineBasics.com!

I am very glad that you have chosen to visit my site. My name is Mike, and I am the author of Airline Basics and most articles which you will find here. You can read a bit more about me here.

I started AirlineBasics.com in 2013 after having spent over 12 years studying and working in the airline industry. What I was lacking throughout my entire experience process was a good resource which would provide me with basic information on airline management. Of course, one cannot learn how to run an airline from a single web site, but at that time I needed general knowledge able to get me going in the right direction.

Now, after having been there and done it a few times over, I decided to create such a resource myself (although I will attempt to have others work with me). Airlines are quite complex organizations and if figuring out how to run an airline may be a hassle, especially with all those regulations associated with the overall safety of flight. Which is why I have divided the site into specific sections (actually called Categories) to help you out.

The main Category, for me at least, is the Airline Business. To know how to run an airline, people need to know where they are at and where they want to be a few years down the road. Which is why a solid foundation in the form of a well prepared business plan should not be underestimated. A proper cost analysis and income prediction is crucial for airline success (although it is never a guarantee, mind you).

The other Categories aim at providing readers with insight into the nuts and bolts of specific issues coming up when figuring out how to run an airline. Those are associated with airworthiness, maintenance, flight and ground operations and, last but not least, quality and safety.

Apart from the “how to run an airline” approach I would also love for this site to become a place with a strong community of users – both professionals and those who are just starting their airline experience. So, if you’re here, please contribute to the community and leave a comment or two. I really value your opinion both on the site as such as well as on everything I post on it. If you have questions or can think of topics which you’d like to see covered – drop me a line and I will try to help if only possible.

Once again, thank you for visiting AirlineBasics.com and please enjoy the site!

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