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What is ACMI leasing?

What is ACMI leasing

ACMI is something everyone, who deals with airline business, has come across at some point or another. It is a form of aircraft leasing. It helps airlines in distress but is also the most expensive and least cost effective form

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Aviation Glossary – Acronyms and Abbreviations

Aviation Glossary

“AD c/w @ EOL w/ 12564:34 a/c FH and 8457 FC, TLB# 245372” – that and similar uses of aviation acronyms and abbreviations are pretty common in the technical aviation business. People who deal with aircraft transitions and airworthiness management

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Airline costs – an introduction

Airline Costs

No-one needs to be told that airlines are tremendous cost generators and if nothing else, watching closely airline costs is probably the most important thing to do throughout the entire operating life of an airline. I will take a brief

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