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My name is Mike and I’m the owner of this site and the author of most articles which you will find here. I prepared this short bio of myself just in case you’re curious on who’s posts you’re actually reading. If you would like to get mor einformation about me, please visit my personal blog.

I have spent about 12 years of my life trying to study aeronautical engineering and airline business. I have over 11 years of experience being involved in smaller and bigger airlines at different management levels which got me thinking that I may actually be in a position to share with you my thoughts on the business.

In particular, I have a master degree in aeronautical engineering, which I obtained from the Warsaw University of Technology. After my degree I have worked for a small regional airline, a business charter operator and a medium sized regional airline which, at the end, has gone bankrupt. As unpleasant am experience it was, I strongly believe that it is a very valuable asset for the overall knowledge on how airlines and the airline business actually work.

Currently, I am an independent consultant to airlines and aircraft leasing companies. I assist them in aircraft transition, records review and procedure auditing.

Throughout my time with the airlines I have gone through positions such Airworthiness Postholder, Maintenance Director, Quality Director and finally VP of an airline. You will probably see that I may be slightly biased towards the technical aspects of airlines, as I am an engineer and maintenance with airworthiness were always my main fields of interest. However, this is not to say that other branches are in any way less interesting or compelling.

Apart from living in the airline world, I work on my hobby which is web publishing. This site is certainly part of that at present, although I run a few other ones. Please visit my personal blog here: Michal Swoboda

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Once again, thank you for visiting and I hope you will enjoy the site!

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